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Milky Way Natural Breastfeeding Supplement for Lactation Support


Increase Breast Milk Supply & Flow for Nursing Mothers

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About the product

  • ★ FINALLY, THE SOLUTION FOR ALL BREASTFEEDING ISSUES – Breast feeding can be hard for many new mothers, but you should not worry or give up! With the Milky Way lactation supplement, you can improve the quality and the volume of your breast milk, have a strong flow and produce nutritious milk for your baby.

  • ★ ALL THE ESSENTIAL NUTRIENTS TO HELP YOUR LITTLE ONE GROW STRONG AND HEALTHY - Breast milk is the number one source of all the essential nutrients for a nursing infant, so you need to make sure that your milk is nutritious and of the best quality. These milks feeding capsules will enhance your milk with all the essential vitamins and fats.

  • ★ ADVANCED NATURAL FORMULA TO BUILD UP YOUR MILK - With these lactation vitamins you can increase your milk flow and improve its quality in the most natural way possible. The breastfeeding pills have an advanced all-natural formula with a unique mix of super-effective herbs, such as fenugreek, alfalfa, fennel, nettle, milk thistle and more!

  • ★ CERTIFIED KOSHER UNDER STRICT SUPERVISION - The Milky Way lactation support supplement is crafted to perfection with the finest quality ingredients and special attention to detail for maximum results. It’s manufacturing facility are constantly monitored under strict supervision, so you can rest assured that it is absolutely safe and kosher for mehadrin.

  • ★ INCLUDES 90 PILLS, FOR 30-DAY SUPPLY - This breastfeeding supplement will provide you with all the capsules you’ll need to give lactation a boost for a whole month! You will receive 90 lactation pills, which you can take 1-3 times every day according to your milk production needs.

Advanced Breast Pump Set with Bottle & Bags


Easy, Hands-Free Breastfeeding for Moms.  Small, Discrete & Portable Manual Breast Milk Suction Tool with Handle

About the product

  • NEED TO FEED YOUR BABY ON-THE-GO? THIS IS THE BEST TRAVEL FRIENDLY PUMP: Electrical pumps come with too many accessories and require a power supply. But feeding is easy when you use Green Star Natural’s compact Breast Milk Pump. You can also pump before you go and store milk in the bottle or storage bags provided. The single manual design is comfortable and features an easy suction so you can pump ounces quickly. This pumping tool is perfect for use when time takes moms away from their babies

  • KEEP MILK FRESH AND PUMP OUNCES QUICKLY WITH STRONG VACUUM: Green Star Naturals’ Breast Milk Pump comes with a convenient silicone pad that is great for increasing the vacuum seal when pumping. This protects the milk and ensures each bottle is easy to fill. The vacuum extractor makes pumping milk as quick and easy as possible so you can get back to your busy life! Other products are too complicated to use, only the Breast Milk Pump by Green Star Naturals has the simplicity and power you need

  • PUMPING IS QUIET SO YOU CAN NURSE IN PEACE, THANKS TO THE MANUAL DESIGN. Don’t purchase big, noisy electric pumps that might wake your newborn from their sound sleep. The manual pump from Green Star Naturals is the best handheld option for a calm nursing experience. Don't complicate breastfeeding with pumps which have tubing and numerous parts. This small, compact pump is the simplest accessory of them all, and fits easily in your bag, too!

  • KEEP MILK SAFE AND HEALTHY FOR YOUR BABY WITH THIS EASY TO CLEAN PUMP: The pump is constructed with flexible, lightweight plastic that is BPA free. The non-toxic material together with the Back-flow protection mechanism will keep the milk healthy for your baby. The 150ml wide caliber bottles are also BPA-free. The plastic is durable for long lasting, repeated use. Each piece of the Breast Milk Pump set can be taken apart to clean every corner effortlessly and effectively

  • THIS COMPLETE NURSING SET IS THE BEST BABY SHOWER GIFT. ANY NEW MOTHER WOULD LOVE IT. Our sets include a pump with a built in handle, bottle to store the milk, stand or stabilizer, pump cover, as well as a baby bottle adapter. The set includes everything you need for easy breast-feeding. As a special FREE BONUS, with every purchase of a Green Star Naturals' Pump we are including a 10 pack of milk storage bags for use with your Breast Milk Pump. BUY CONFIDENTLY WITH OUR 18 MONTHS WARRANTY